Would you ever consider driving a car without brakes? Then why take a chance on driving one without ensuring your brakes and clutch are in optimal condition? At A1 Mecchanical, our brake specialists are equipped to repair, replace, or service your brake and clutch systems, ensuring everything is as good as new and as safe as possible. Common brake issues include grinding or squealing noises, diminished braking power, shuddering during braking, or a loose handbrake.

Similarly, if you’ve noticed fluid leaks, difficulty shifting gears, or an unusual smell in your car (unrelated to any surprises left by your kids!), you may have a problem with your clutch. If you experience any of these symptoms, have other concerns, or
simply want a brake check to guarantee your car’s safety, contact our friendly team for a competitive quote on top-quality mechanical work in Cairns.

Our experts will diagnose your brake or clutch issue, assess their current state, replace parts for most makes and models,
including brake pads, ABS brakes, and perform brake disc machining or clutch repair. Afterward, we’ll test everything to ensure it’s in A1 condition. By using only high-quality parts and products for all our services, you can trust that your safety is in
the capable hands of our experienced mechanics.

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